Enoxaparin Sodium

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Indications introduction: Enoxaparin sodium is a gold standard for antithrombosis  which has the largest number of indications among all LMWHs. Prophylaxis of vein thrombosis diseases (prevent intra-vein  thrombosis),  treatment of deep venous thrombosis, Prevention of thrombus formation in the in vitro circulation during hemodialysis, treatment of acute unstable angina and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction, administered with Aspirin.


Distinctive strengths:

The first Chinese manufacturer of Enoxaparin Sodium API obtained registration approval of Chinese SFDA;


The first Chinese manufacturer of Enoxaparin Sodium passed EU and US FDA GMP inspections.


Techdow’s Enoxaparin Sodium is produced using orientation depolymerization technology under controlled conditions. The active sites in molecular structure are preserved intact, compared to the more commonly used ordinary nitrous acid depolymerization process which cannot preserve all of the active sites. Techdow’s Enoxaparin Sodium also has the highest ratio of anti-FXa activity vs. anti-FIIa activity.


Techdow’s Enoxaparin Sodium not only conforms to USP/EP standard, but also it is verified by authoritative testing institution that Techdow’s Enoxaparin Sodium has same structural properties as Innovator brand Lovenox/Clexane. It’s the same material.


Enoxaparin Sodium
Enoxaparin Sodium
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