Human resources

Concept of employing

Devotion - “Devoted absorbedly to the work”

Techdowers respect and love their work, regard the work with selfless enthusiasm and responsible attitude. They take their work as a career.

Specialty - “A master in their own special field”

Techdowers always keep an attitude to continually study their work and consistently make breakthroughs and persist in innovation to make a greater progress.

Profession - “Attitude determines the height”

Techdowers are strict and normative in their work so as to build Techdow a world-class enterprise, during which a good quality of professionalism has been shown.


Concept of talents

In Techdow, the development demands of employees and company are effectively connected with a concept of talents of “focusing on the talents, tapping the potentials, promoting the development” so as to promote the growth of employees and company.

Focusing on the talents - “ Governing a country depends on the talents” 

Techdow regards the talents as the first resource and driving force for the development of enterprise. Mechanisms of the talents recruitment, cultivation, development and inspiration are built and consistently improved to attract, maintain and inspire the talents.

Tapping the potentials - “Good honing gives a sharp edge to a sword”

Techdow continually offer chances of study and work for employees and emphasize on cultivating the talents comprehensively to tapping the potentials, so that the talents can be fully exploited.

Promoting the development - “ Chances are always left for those who are getting prepared”

Techdow put talents developments on a strategic height. Inspiring and propelling atmosphere is built through value building, culture training and work practicing so as to inspire the enterprise and sense of mission of employees as well as guiding their professional development.


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